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7 Tips for a Stronger Queda de Rim

One of the most iconic capoeira poses is what we call queda de rim. This move is all about physics and body mechanics. As you can see in the following pictures, I teach queda de rim in a unique way.

I start my students pushing on a wall to ensure the proper relationships between body, arm, and what will be the floor. The following seven tips should help even the most novice student master their queda de rim.

1. Make sure your elbow is placed in the soft spot right above the hip bone.

2. Keep forearm perpendicular to the surface you are pushing against.

3. Brace yourself as if you are pushing a car.

4. and 5. Maintain this relationship as you move to the ground when practicing.

6. Notice that my weight is on the arm primarily based underneath.

7. Notice that my elbow on the support arm is just above my hip.

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