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10 Reasons to Train Capoeira for Your New Workout

Capoeira students doing pushups

So you're looking for a new workout and you're just not sure what to pick. You could head to gym for a more traditional workout, you could run, you could walk, you could do yoga, or you could do martial arts. Capoeira, the Brazilian martial art, is the perfect option for anyone looking for a new exercise routine. Here I've outlined 10 reasons that support Capoeira as your new workout.

1. Weight Loss: Many men and women aim to shed excess weight and improve their body composition through exercise. It's no secret that Capoeira workouts are intense. I've burned over 700 calories in an hour class before. If you're looking to lose weight adding a new exercise into your updated nutrition regimen is a perfect idea.

2. Toning and Muscle Definition: Building lean muscle and achieving a more sculpted physique is a common goal. With Capoeira's dynamic movements and emphasis on body weight workouts, you're sure to build lean and strong muscles.

3. Strength and Endurance: Increasing physical strength and endurance for overall fitness and functionality. Cartwheels, arials, lunges, squats, kicks, dodges are all normal parts of the Capoeira experience. Capoeiristas play in the roda (in the center of a circle of students) to live music and the games can last minutes. With so much activity in these sessions you'll definitely build strength and endurance.

4. Flexibility: Enhancing flexibility through regular practice and attendance. If you consistently attend class, you'll be stretching and working out every time you go. Not only are there specific parts of the class when you will stretch, but even just working through the techniques will help you loosen and limber up.

5. Stress Reduction: Reducing stress and improving mental well-being through workouts. Burn off your workday stress with a workout that will get you completely focused on the moment.

6. Cardiovascular Health: Improving heart health and stamina through aerobic exercises. Capoeira is a great cardio workout. As you build your strength and endurance, you're also improving your cardiovascular health.

Capoeira students playing a game in a tournament.

7. Core Strength: Strengthening the core muscles for improved posture and stability. Capoeiristas regularly work their core muscles. All of dodges, kicks, and acrobatics add up. In just a few classes you'll be able to tell a difference in your core strength.

8. Balance and Coordination: Enhancing balance and coordination for daily activities and injury prevention. Capoeiristas play on the floor and in the air and all spaces in between. The art is dynamic in that all practitioners build a floor game that requires balance, coordination, and agility. Not only are we building these characteristics by learning the techniques, but we go even further with our workouts. Mestre Aranha likes to build from the ground up, so you'll definitely work those foot and ankle muscles to enhance your balance and coordination.

9. Body Confidence: Boosting self-esteem and body confidence through regular workouts. This is a sneaky benefit to Capoeira. If you're journaling and keeping track of your training sessions, then you'll easily see all of the amazing things your body is able to do. It's not just about having the physique, but acknowledging and celebrating the physical achievements that you have unlocked with your training.

Capoeira students hugging.

10. Social Interaction, Fun, and Enjoyment: Engaging in group fitness classes for social interaction and motivation. There is no doubt about it, Capoeira is a social sport. You can learn moves and solo sequences, but there is nothing quite like playing Capoeira in the roda. The music, the friends, the comradery. The energy is infectious and fun. When you go to a Capoeira school, you're joining a like-minded community of people who love working out hard and pushing themselves to more and more adventurous and amazing things. Capoeiristas find joy in the training, the learning, the engagement. Look up your local Capoeira schools and check them out. Your are bound to find one that fits your style. Make Capoeira your new workout.


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