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Capoeira Moves: Negativa, a Versatile Floor Position

Capoeira ground game

One of the many aspects of Capoeira that makes it unique is the movement on the ground. Capoeiristas will often go to the floor to reposition themselves in the roda, to dodge, or to launch a surprise attack. There are even some acrobatics that take place on the ground!

Use negativa, a versatile floor position

The negativa is the Swiss Army knife of Capoeira floor positions. It is one of the most common ground positions in the art, and is used with frequency in every style of Capoeira. It can be deployed in nearly any scenario, but here we will examine the basic position. Read on to learn how negativa, a versatile floor position, can help you transition between moves and stay safe under the threat of a variety of kicks.

Top down view of negativa

Going into this, you must understand that negativa is a triangle based position. The triangle is considered the strongest of the basic shapes, and that knowledge is vital here. We want to ensure that careful attention is paid to the positioning of our hands and feet, because the way to beat a negativa is to break down its structural integrity. A clever opponent will know that a triangle must be deformed to weaken it, so they will typically interrupt negativas in transition. When the move is in its static form, there is more of an even distribution of weight for the three contact points to equally absorb the force of attacks. For the Capoeirista, this knowledge will help them remain focused when flowing in and out of negativa.

forward facing view of negativa

Practice negativa

You can practice this in a static position to build the necessary strength and balance. As you get stronger, you add entering into this position from ginga or guarda baixa. Even the exercises of lowering into negativa and standing up out of the move are great workouts! Pretty soon you will get the hang of negativa and be able to use this in your game.

Here are a few basics to instantly improve your negativa!

  1. Push your weight forward

  2. Bend your front knee

  3. Keep your toes forward and your front foot flat

  4. Turn your head sideways keeping your elbow raised for protection

  5. Sit on your back heal (this foot is not flat)

  6. Keep your front hand flat to avoid wrist injuries

Specific points to remember about negativa

Try these tips and let me know what's working for you!


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