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Why We Chose Greatmats 1-inch Martial Arts Mats for Our Capoeira School

Capoeira is a very dynamic martial art with kicks, dodges, takedowns, and acrobatics. Having a floor that supports Capoeira training is essential for injury prevention and fun in class. Greatmats 1-inch martial arts mats were perfect for our Capoeira school.

We chose Greatmats 1-inch thick Martial Arts Karate Mats for our Capoeira school in Sacramento, Calif. We have spent thousands of hours on all kinds of mats and floors. When it came time to open our newest school (in Sacramento, Calif.), we chose Greatmats for our Capoeira school because they were the perfect balance of high quality and reasonable pricing.

These puzzle mats are solid, but not too hard. We were surprised that they don't move AT ALL which kind of blows our minds when we see so many students doing crazy moves on them! They are also very tough. We do lots of circuit training that requires various props being dragged around, and the mats only have a few blemishes after years of abuse.


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