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Armada: Tips and Tricks

Armada is one of the four basic kicks in the Allied Capoeira League curriculum. Here are some tips for making the most of your armada.

Model: Lagarta

Intermediate Bracket

1. Begin from your ginga position.

2. Bring your back leg forward into base.

Coach's Tip: Keep your weight shifted over what was your front leg from ginga.

3. Step across and shift your weight to the stepping foot. By keeping your eyes on the other player while you step across you are already starting to build the torque you will use to help power your kick.

Coach's Tip: If you step close your kick will be faster but easier to counter; if you step farther across then you will have more power but your kick is more telegraphed.

4. Use the torque built up from stepping across and twisting your upper body to power your front leg up.

Coach's Tip: Keeping your arms up not only protects your face, but also helps with the torque needed for the kick.

5. As your leg kicks straight down, use the motion of your arms in the opposite direction of your kick to help you square up with the other player.

Coach's Tip: Using your arm motion will help you from landing sideways. It is important to land square to your opponent in order to respond to counter kicks.

6. End the kick facing the other player.

Watch this quick video of armada!


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