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Capoeirista? Fix your guarda baixa.

Are you new to capoeira? Have you been training for years? Here are some helpful tips for the most effective guarda baixa.

1. Tilt your head slightly sideways while still keeping your eyes on your opponent.

2. Maintain this angle in your rear leg in order to allow for horizontal push forward. By keeping the rear leg slightly bent this creates the angle that allows you to generate force, with the forward motion opening up more possibilities for counter attacks (i.e. vingativa, chapeu de couro, rasteira).

3. Keep your weight forward on the toes of your front foot. Make sure your knee on that front leg is not passing your toes, this is useful for injury prevention.

4. Keep your support hand flat and placed near your front foot for counter balance. Nobody wants a broken wrist or mangled fingers.

5. Your arm should be bent and your elbow pointing toward your opponent's direction. I suggest keeping it covering your chin in order to protect from upward kicks (ie. ponteira, queixada).


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