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Meia Lua de Frente: Tips and Tricks

Model: Malevola, Novice Bracket-Brown Tips

Do you ever lose your balance when doing meia lua de frente? Here are some tips and tricks for helping you to maintain your balance and get the most from your kick.

  1. Enter meia lua de frente from your center base position.

  2. As you start the kick, shift your weight to your support leg.

  3. When you’re kicking across your body, the weight should be distributed on the front part of the base foot. Hips should be moving laterally to help shift weight across body on to your toes of the support leg.

  4. As your kick crosses in front be sure to consider your hip position and movement. Your hips should be rotating to direct the kick across your body.

  5. Bring your leg back to land in your center base.

Coach’s Tips: Make sure to be on the toes of your base foot. This will help keep your weight distributed appropriately. Keeping your weight positioned over the toes of your base foot will allow you to complete the kick without losing balance.


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