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How should I approach my first Capoeira class?

How should I approach my first Capoeira class? Read through this list and learn more about how you can set realistic expectations for your first class and build Capoeira habits that will help you see success.

Capoeira students standing in line after a fun class.
Welcome to the Capoeira Forge!

Capoeira is VERY cardio intensive. Bring a big water bottle.

The warmups tend to be on the difficult side, the stretching is intense, even the traditional Capoeira stance is a series of endless repeating squatting and lunging steps. You will sweat more than you anticipate, so stay hydrated. Take advantage of those water breaks!

Work hard and have fun!

Bring realistic expectations to your class. Capoeira is a very big, very complex world.

When it comes to mandatory mat cleanliness, clean feet are essential. No shoes on the mat.

Speaking of feet, wear flipflops, crocs, or slides to the academy.

Reflect and take notes.

Nutrition is key for performance.


What about martial arts interests you?

  • The workouts

  • The techniques

  • The sparring

Check out this article on Meia Lua de Frente, one of the very first Capoeira kicks you'll learn.


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