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Guarda Baixa to Chapeu de Couro: Tips and Tricks

Model: Silverio Novice Bracket Brown Tips

Check this quick transition out and give it a try in your next roda. If you find yourself getting stuck in guarda baixa and always doing the same thing, this is a great way to spice things up. Keep in mind that this kick can be started from many positions and has many different names. I use the name chapeu de couro to encompass this family of kicks.

1. Start this sequence in guarda baixa.

2. Plant your base arm and keep your head and side protected with your other arm. Keep enough of a gap between your base arm and front foot to allow your back foot to kick through.

3. Push your hips forward to help build the torque to power the kick. Arch your lower back as much as you can to make your chest parallel with the wall and not the floor. One shoulder should be above the other.

4. Swing through with the back leg so as to make a “J” shape on the floor.

5. Kick with the other leg, whipping it through to finish the movement.

6. Land in cadeira.

Watch Silverio demonstrate this fun sequence!


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