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8 Reasons capoeira is great for families!

1. Parents and children learn something new together! Figuring out how to do something as a team helps to build family unity.

2. Learn how to face challenges as a team. Training martial arts is about breaking through mental and physical challenges. Training capoeira is no different. Family classes teach parents and children to work through challenges and maintain positive attitudes.

3. Physical fitness is great for the whole family. Family classes allow parents to lead by example and serve as positive fitness role models.

4. Capoeira is inherently fun! In practice, we treat capoeira like a game of interactive, physical chess; dodging, kicking, cartwheeling to get in to the best position. What kid wouldn't love that !?!

5. Training martials arts takes discipline and personal strength. Family classes offer the opportunity for parents to help guide their children with the added support of the instructor to help instill these qualities.

6. Family classes offer quality time for parents and children to bond over a common experience. It gives the family something to look forward to during the week and talk about after the class. It helps to open the lines of communication between parents and kids.

7. Both parents and children are working together to earn their belts. Although the belt systems are different for kids and adults, each member of the family will be working toward advacing in the ranks.

8. Training together gives the opportunity for children and parents to see amazing progress and each other's accomplishments.

The family that trains together, stays together!

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