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Meia Lua de Compasso: Tips and Tricks

Model: Molho Intermediate Bracket Grey and Blue

1.) You will start this kick from base and end this kick in the guarda baixa position. It is imperative to have a strong guarda baixa. If you need some tips for guarda baixa check out our tips and tricks here.

2.) Once you are comfortable in guarda baixa you can start improving your meia lua de compasso kicking mechanics. The first step for meia lua de compasso is a small step across at a 45 degree angle.

3.) Next, place your hands on the ground near the front base foot and bend that front knee. Straighten your back leg. That is your kicking leg.

4.) Twist your body as your heel is leaving the ground. Here is a simple secret to success with this kick: point your glutes toward your target. It sounds so easy, and it is! Point your butt where you want to kick. As you are kicking with the back leg, pay keen attention to bringing that leg up and back down as two separate motions.

5.) Finish your kick in guarda baixa.

As you train capoeira at your academy with your teacher you will learn many of the intricacies of this kick. These are just a few tips and tricks to get you started with a strong foundation.

Coach’s Tip: Watch out for a bent kicking leg, it will sabotage your kick.


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