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What is a good pre-workout snack?

What should I eat to get the most benefit from a capoeira workout? Does it have to be a supplement? Do I need to spend a lot of money?

All of us as capoeiristas recognize the toughness in our workouts. We are not strangers to pushups, squats, agility ladders, shuttles, jump ropes, or crunches. What we might need some guidance with is when and what to eat in order to get the biggest benefits from our workouts. Let's think about a common scenario.

It's been a long day at work or school and now on your way to capoeira class you realize you haven't eaten since noon! At this point, your blood sugar is low and your liver glycogen stores are breaking down to keep your blood sugar within normal limits. This means your main energy stores are being depleted. There are now a couple of implications to consider: will I be able to perform to my expectations during class and will I get the most benefit from my workout?

While you may be ready to give up before even getting to class, remember your body is amazing and with just a small snack you can be ready to excel. As you are headed to class, about 1 hour before you start, eat a mixed protein/carbohydrate snack. Try half of a peanut butter sandwich and a banana or a couple of hard boiled eggs and an apple.

These snacks are designed to give you enough energy to make it through class and for about an hour after class. The carbohydrates in the meal will give you the boost and the protein in the snack will help support muscle growth after the workout. By the time you get home after capoeira your body should be ready to eat again. Make wise choices to ensure optimum results.

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